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Expand Your Event with 360 Around U: Unleash Fun and Creativity with a Selfie Booth

In the landscape of event planning and entertainment, there's a growing demand for interactive and memorable experiences that engage guests in unique ways. One such innovation that has taken the event industry by storm is the selfie booth. These modern photo stations offer guests the opportunity to capture fun and candid moments, creating personalized keepsakes that enhance the overall event experience. At 360 Around U, we specialize in providing top-of-the-line selfie booth experiences that will elevate your event to new heights. Let's explore the world of selfie booths and discover how our services can make your event in Barrie, Orillia, Toronto, and surrounding areas truly unforgettable.

Selfie Booth
360 Around U - Selfie Booth

The Selfie Booth Revolution: Redefining Event Entertainment

Gone are the days of static event photography. Today's guests crave interactive and engaging experiences that allow them to express themselves and connect with others. Enter the selfie booth – a dynamic and versatile addition to any event. Whether it's a wedding, corporate function, birthday party, or trade show, selfie booths offer a fun and interactive way for guests to capture memories and create lasting mementos.

Why Choose 360 Around U for Your Selfie Booth Needs?

  1. Cutting-Edge Technology: Our selfie booths are equipped with state-of-the-art cameras, lighting, and software to ensure high-quality photos that capture every smile and pose in stunning detail.

  2. Customization Options: We understand that every event is unique, which is why we offer a wide range of customization options. From personalized backdrops and themed props to custom overlays and digital effects, we'll work with you to create a selfie booth experience that reflects your event's theme and style.

  3. User-Friendly Interface: Our selfie booths feature intuitive touchscreen interfaces that make it easy for guests to snap photos, apply filters, and share their creations instantly. With just a few taps, guests can capture the perfect selfie and create memories that will last a lifetime.

  4. Social Media Integration: Extend the reach of your event with our social media integration feature. Guests can instantly share their photos on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, allowing you to generate buzz and excitement both during and after the event.

  5. Professional Service: Our team of experienced technicians will handle every aspect of the selfie booth experience, from delivery and setup to onsite support and teardown. With 360 Around U, you can rest assured that your selfie booth will run smoothly and seamlessly throughout your event.

Creating Unforgettable Memories with Our Selfie Booths

At 360 Around U, we believe that every event should be filled with laughter, joy, and memorable moments. Our selfie booths are designed to do just that – to capture the spirit of your event and provide guests with a fun and interactive experience they'll never forget. Whether it's a group photo with friends, a silly pose with props, or a heartfelt moment with loved ones, our selfie booths are sure to leave a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.

Customization Tailored to Your Event

We understand that no two events are alike, which is why we offer a wide range of customization options to suit your specific needs and preferences. Whether you're planning a themed wedding, a corporate branding event, or a birthday bash, we'll work closely with you to create a selfie booth experience that aligns with your vision and exceeds your expectations.

Engagement and Interaction

Our selfie booths are more than just photo stations – they're interactive experiences that encourage guests to engage and interact with each other. Whether they're striking a pose, trying out different props, or experimenting with fun filters, our selfie booths create a lively and festive atmosphere that enhances the overall guest experience.

Professionalism and Reliability

When you choose 360 Around U for your event, you can trust that you're working with a team of professionals who are committed to making your event a success. From the initial consultation to the final teardown, our team will handle every aspect of the selfie booth experience with professionalism, attention to detail, and a smile.

Maximizing Your Event's Reach

In today's digital age, social media plays a crucial role in event marketing and promotion. That's why we offer seamless social media integration with our selfie booths, allowing guests to instantly share their photos online and spread the word about your event. With just a few clicks, your event will reach a wider audience and generate buzz and excitement both online and offline.

Book Your Selfie Booth Experience Today

Ready to unleash the fun and creativity with a selfie booth from 360 Around U? Contact us today to learn more about our services and availability in Barrie, Orillia, Toronto, and surrounding areas. Visit our website at to explore our packages, view our gallery of past events, and book your selfie booth experience today.

At 360 Around U, we're passionate about creating unforgettable selfie booth experiences that enhance your event and delight your guests. Let us help you make your next event one to remember with our immersive selfie booth setups.


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