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Elevating the Joy of Barrie Festivals with 360 Around U

Barrie festivals are a celebration of culture, community, and creativity. At 360 Around U, we are thrilled to elevate the joy of these festivals with our 360 photo video booths, offering festival-goers a unique and immersive experience.

Picture the vibrant atmosphere of the Barrie Waterfront Festival or the artistic vibes of the Barrie Film Festival. Our photo video booths become a center of attraction, capturing the excitement and spirit of the festival in 360-degree detail. Whether it's a lively dance performance or a mesmerizing art exhibit, our booths ensure that every aspect of the festival is immortalized.

As attendees step into our immersive booths, they become a part of the festival's story, creating lasting memories surrounded by the ambiance of joy and camaraderie. The 360-degree experiences become cherished keepsakes, reminding festival-goers of the memorable moments they experienced during the event.

The customization options of our 360 photo video booths allow festival organizers to tailor the experience to match the festival's theme or specific exhibits. From personalized backdrops to branded overlays, our team ensures that every detail aligns with the spirit of the festival.

For businesses and organizations participating in Barrie festivals, our 360 photo video booths offer valuable marketing opportunities. By incorporating customized branding, you can showcase your company's logo, products, and services, creating a positive association with festival-goers.

The social sharing capabilities of our booths extend the reach of the festival beyond Barrie. Attendees become brand advocates, sharing their immersive experiences on social media platforms, creating organic buzz, and increasing the festival's visibility to a broader audience.

At 360 Around U, we are committed to delivering an exceptional experience for festival organizers and participants alike. Our skilled technicians ensure seamless setup and operation of our booths, allowing you to focus on creating a memorable festival for attendees.

So, whether you're organizing Barrie's annual Promenade Days or participating in the Barrie Dragon Boat Festival, let 360 Around U be a part of your festival experience. Together, we'll elevate the joy and excitement of Barrie festivals, creating lasting memories for attendees.


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