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360 Around U: Elevating Social Events in Vaughan

Social events in Vaughan are a time to celebrate special moments, create memories, and cherish the company of loved ones. At 360 Around U, we are thrilled to elevate these social gatherings with our 360 photo video booths, offering an interactive and captivating experience.

Imagine your family reunion at the Vaughan City Playhouse or your milestone birthday celebration at the Venetian Banquet & Hospitality Centre. Our photo video booths become a centerpiece of joy, allowing guests to create unforgettable 360-degree memories with friends and family.

The 360-degree experiences preserve the laughter, love, and togetherness felt during the social event, becoming cherished keepsakes for everyone present. Our skilled technicians ensure seamless setup and operation, adding a touch of excitement to the gathering.

The social sharing capabilities of our booths extend the happiness of the social event beyond Vaughan. Guests become brand advocates, sharing their immersive experiences on social media platforms, spreading the celebration and creating a sense of connection among family and friends.

For hosts and organizers of social events, our 360 photo video booths offer valuable branding opportunities. By incorporating customized overlays and graphics, you can showcase your event theme, logo, or special messages, making the gathering even more personal and memorable.

At 360 Around U, we believe in the power of social events to create lasting memories and strengthen relationships. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your social gathering in Vaughan is a resounding success, with our booths adding that extra layer of enjoyment.

So, whether you're celebrating life's milestones, hosting a family reunion, or enjoying a festive occasion, let 360 Around U be a part of your social event. Together, we'll elevate the celebration and create immersive memories that will be cherished by all.


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